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Kroo Bay

Kroo Bay is a 6000 strong slum community in the heart of Freetown, Sierra Leone. People from all walks of life congregate there and the population still increases daily. With poor water access, hardly any toilets, rickety shacks and a transient population, people here face huge social and health problems. But the city centre position makes it perfect for trading and people in Kroo Bay make the most of their difficult surroundings. It may be a slum, but it is also their home and the community is home to several musicians, a member of the city council, a play writer and many community activists.

Drugs, alcohol and rape are common in the community, with 80% of the youth unemployed. Statistically one in four children die before their fifth birthday and one in seven women will die in labour during the course of their life. The life expectancy is on average 35. The slum population has increase dramatically during and after the violent civil war that torn the country apart, and now faces an uncertain future as the city council discuss relocating the people. The residents want to stay, most survive on small scale trading and that's only possible in the centre.
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